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Cruise NewsPrincess Cruises Upgrades All-Inclusive Packages with Sweet Additions

Princess Cruises Upgrades All-Inclusive Packages with Sweet Additions

Princess Cruises has announced that extra value is being added to their Princess Plus and Premier packages that offers all inclusive options on cruises.
sky princess pool deck

These new additions of specialty desserts, smoothies, fitness classes, and reserved theater seating will add 60 – 70% of savings, according to the cruise line.

The package enhancements will be made available for sailings after February 20th of 2023.

Part of the new additions will be a series of colorful and tasty desserts.  Gelato, pastries, and various candies will be added to the Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages and will be made available in the Gelateria, Swirls, or Coffee and Cones.

new princess packages
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises: new offerings for Princess Plus and Premier Packages
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But these new additions are not only for those with a sweet tooth.

Fitness perks will also be included in these packages.  As part of their partnership with Xpontential Fitness, Princess Cruises is also offering complimentary Pure Barre, Yoga Six and Stretch Lab classes.

Other brands will be offering classes as part of the deal as well and will include Club Pilates, Cycle Bar, and Stride.

“Adding more content to our much sought-after Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages with the addition of premium experiences including fitness and indulgences not only guarantees an exceptional onboard experience but also ensures our guests have maximum options and superior value when vacationing with Princess,” said John Padgett, Princess Cruises president.
princess logo on side of ship

At $60 a day per person, passengers on Princess will get around 60% off retail value of $140 if the different parts were purchased individually.

The enhanced package will include the Plus Beverage Package, a single-device wi-fi plan, and will also cover daily crew appreciation.

The new additions to the Princess Plus package will include the following: two premium crafted desserts, two fitness classes per day, unlimited juices, and free shipping of Medallions prior to the cruise.

If cruise travelers opt for Princess Premier they will receive up to $257 per day in total value if the various components are purchased separately.  An almost 70% in savings would be realized with just $80 per day.

The Princess Premier package will include the following:

  • Benefits of the Premier Beverage Package
  • 4 device wi-fi plan,
  • Daily crew appreciation
  • 2 nights of specialty dining
  • Photo package
  • Princess prizes
  • Unlimited Premium crafted desserts
  • Unlimited smoothies or juices
  • Unlimited fitness classes
  • Reserved seating in Princess Theater
  • Complimentary Medallion accessory
  • View Best Deals on Cruises on Princess

New packages are available for bookings made after December 14 for sailings February 20 and beyond.

More information on Princess Premier, Princes Plus and Princess Standard can be found here.

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J. Souza
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Cruise NewsPrincess Cruises Upgrades All-Inclusive Packages with Sweet Additions
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