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25 Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas on Your Cruise

With over 3.5 million cruise passengers a year stopping at this cruise port, Nassau has become a very popular destination for cruise ships in the Bahamas. It's also become a perfect port of call...

Cruise Port in Nassau, Bahamas Getting Upgrades to Improve the Cruise Experience

Officials in Nassau, Bahamas are planning on upgrading the cruise port to provide a better experience for cruise passengers the Tribune 242 in the Bahamas is reporting. The government is looking to upgrade the cruise...

Fun Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas While on a Cruise

One of the most popular ports for cruise ship shore excursions is Nassau, capital of the Bahamas. This tropical destination offers cruisers a wide range of fun things to do while in port. Beaches I thought...
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Caribbean Cruises Are Offering More Exotic Cruise Destinations

The Caribbean is a beautiful place to go cruising, but for the past few years it seems like the same destinations would pop up when doing a search for a cruise to this area. ...

Nassau Bahamas Review and Tips

Nassau, the Capital of the Bahamas, has something to offer for everyone. Since there are usually 4 or 5 cruise ships in Nassau everyday, the port area always has a lot going on. There are many local shops,...